Bluetooth / Aux Kit

Note: this kit is still in development. No ETA for launch, I need to reverse engineer a piece and order in custom boards.

The Problem

On 2005-09 Subaru Outback and Legacy models that come with the 6 disk head unit and automatic HVAC, the factory head unit and HVAC controls come as one unit. This means you can’t get any kind of AUX input on your vehicle without spending $350 to buy a JDM HVAC control unit. This doesn’t even include a new head unit or the wiring kit you need to buy as well.

The Solution

The solution is to install my Bluetooth and Aux kit into your vehicle (or, you may get the parts yourself and DIY it).

This kit will allow you to get a clean, high quality audio signal from either a Bluetooth or 3.5mm auxiliary input source into the factory head unit on your car. for $150 (or less, final pricing TBD).


  • No need to cut or modify the interior of your car
  • Mostly “plug and play” installation
  • Audio signal is hardwired into the radio, not broadcasted over FM.
    • This provides a high-quality and reliable sound with no static or interference
  • Built in ground loop isolator, so you won’t have to deal with noise introduced through the kit.
  • Mounting kit is bolted into place using factory mounts

The pieces

Note: I’m listing these for reference, or for if you want to DIY it. If I sell this as a kit, all required pieces will be included

  • DROK Bluetooth audio receiver | Amazon |
    • High quality
    • Affordable
    • Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux
    • 3.5mm out
  • Smof Ground Loop Noise Isolator | Amazon |
    • I have tested this and it works amazingly to remove ground loop noise in your audio
    • Allows the DROK board to be powered off of the car’s 12v system without experiencing noise introduced into the audio signal
  • Aux-in board
    • Taps into CD player ribbon cables and feeds the audio directly into factory radio’s amp.
    • No soldering required. Has no circuitry to process audio, so it introduces no quality loss
    • Originally sold by jazzy engineering, who is no longer in the business. I will be reverse engineering the product and selling my own board