ReactOS in Your Browser

ReactOS in Your Browser

I am currently publishing beta images on my website for testing (Link coming soon)
This is a custom ReactOS image built of of the current 0.4.14 releases, it’s minified and tweaked for V86 which is an x86 emulator written in JavaScript

  • Networking
  • Basic VGA Support
  • A small handful of windows applications
  • OpenGl via software driver in ReactOS

Built in Software

  • QTWeb. Small & lightweight browser, works with most basic sites and can let you tinker

Planned Additions

  • Basic 2D games
  • Updated mesa SW implementation, likely better optimized
  • Ship with VBEMP as I believe it’ll update the screen a bit faster on V86 VS the ReactOS built-in driver.
  • Ship with SB16 driver. I just need to find one that work in ReactOS and supports the SB16 sound card.
  • Shrink the main ReactOS image, include programs on separate drive (v86 is currently experiencing issues with this)
  • Self-hosted websocket proxy for SSL and higher networking speeds. Currently the one V86 uses is very slow. (this will likely cost me monthly)

Performance Plans / Improvements

  • ReactOS memory manager is being heavily improved which will help stability and performance
  • Will test compiling ReactOS with heavy optimizations
  • Possibly stripping out unneeded functions from V86 to lighten that might help? It’s unlikely I’ll sit down and try this.