Car Stuff

RomRaider Log Viewer

A simple and clean way to view your RomRaider logs

  • Importing CVS files
  • Automatic graph scaling
  • Separate graph for AFR recordings
  • Right hand y-axis for RPM
  • Show/hide log data
  • Lambda <–> AFR conversion
    • Gas, E85, E100, Methanol, or Diesel

Subaru 05-09 Bluetooth and AUX Mod / Kit

On many Subaru’s between the year of 05-09 with the automatic HVAC it’s impossible to get Bluetooth or AUX without spending $350 to buy a JDM part, plus additional money for a head unit.. right?
WRONG! I’m working on a wallet friendly kit that will let you install Bluetooth and AUX input on these cars while keeping the factory head unit. More info and launch date hopefully coming soon, but you should check out the page on it below