Minimizing Reactos

This page is a collection of patches I’ve created for ReactOS to help you shrink and optimize it. Patches to come, as I’ve lost them since originally writing this.
My primary use case for these is to create an extremely lightweight version of ReactOS for V86, but all of my patches will be here for download.

Theming and Customization

  • Remove additional themes
  • Remove themes service


Disabling unneeded services can free up some RAM and resources. These ones are pretty safe to disable, but there may be a rare instance where a program may try to interact with them and then fail.
Skip compiling these to save extra space, as well.

  • Audio service
  • Event logging service
  • Server service
  • Workstation service
  • Printer spooler service
  • WLAN service & wlanapi
  • Themes service
  • Auto update (stub) service Some programs require this during installation


There is the potential to shrink the ReactOS image a lot here by skipping drivers you don’t need for your installation.

  • USB Drivers (Must also skip building Bluetooth driver as it links into these)
    • Saves around 1.5MB
  • Audio Drivers
    • CMIDriver
    • hdaudbus
  • Filesystem Drivers
    • EX2
    • NTFS
    • ReiserFS


Who prints anyways?


  • Disabling page file
    • This will free up disk space & in the event where disk performance is extremely slow it may speed up the OS as well.
    • I wouldn’t recommend this for all use-cases
    • My patch just limits this severely, you can manually disable it.
  • Set minimum disk size to 250MB
    • You need mostly all of these patches for this to work


You can patch ReactOS to not ship with all of it’s software to save disk space.

  • Games (Not in patch)
  • Solitaire
  • Solitaire Spider
  • WineMine
  • Magnify
  • On Screen Keyboard
  • Sound Recorder