My aim here is to build and maintain a database of mods which can be used to add AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) to pre existing games.

Windows Mods

Assetto Corsa

The Assetto Corsa Custom Shaders Patch recently got FSR added in the latest version. There is a comparison video if you’d like to see the results. The config found here includes settings for it under graphics_adjustments.ini. (disabled by default)


gta5_fsr is a mod to replace GTA V’s in built resolution scaling with FSR for an impressive increase in visual quality when using scaling.
Compatible with ENB, GTA:O, FiveM, RAGE.MP, and Reshade

VR Games

openvr_fsr is a mostly universal mod to add FSR to OpenVR games running on D3D11.

Linux Mods

FSR added to almost all Vulcan games through proton’s fshack. Currently trying to be integrated into the official proton compatibility layer in this PR. Demo video

There are experimental builds of WINE with FSR support. Check them out here