Windows 10 Drivers for a Raspberry PI 3


Ethernet Driver

Bluetooth Driver

There is a new, work in progress Bluetooth driver! Instructions and download links from here
These steps can be done both on the Raspberry Pi or on another PC.
If you’re on the Raspberry Pi, assign a letter to the Boot partition in Disk Management.

  1. You’ll need the following files
  2. After that, download the latest Bluetooth driver from: https://github.com/worproject/cywbtserialbus/releases (under Assets).
  3. Replace the RPI_EFI.fd file on the boot partition of your installation with the previously downloaded one.
  4. Uninstall SerPL011 (ARM PL011 UART Device Driver), extract the SerPL011_48MHz.zip archive and install the new driver.
  5. Extract the cywbtserialbus driver and install it.
  6. Reboot the board.

Display Driver

There is a beta render driver for the PI 3 (or B+) which can be downloaded on github. Don’t expect anything with this.